Tuesday, August 4, 2009

SYNTHESIS becomes SAXO Bank (Switzerland) SA

Saxo Bank SA is a modern business bank specialising in online investments. It enables customers to trade currencies, equities, CFDs, futures, options and other derivative products and portfolio management via its online trading platform - SaxoTrader.

One of the main major business areas of Saxo Bank SA is the development of neutral facilities. This consists in the development of customised versions of its online trading platforms for other banks and brokerage houses, with in particular more than 100 partners serving customers in 177 countries.

Saxo Bank SA with headquarters in Denmark, has branches in Geneva, Zurich, London, Marbella and Singapore, a representative office in Beijing and a computer centre in St Petersburg, Russia.

Expansion to other parts of the world is part of Saxo Bank SA’s growth strategy.

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