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Increase Online Business With High Quality Sales Letters

There's no doubt about it - a compelling sales letter is the key to a successful internet business

. After all - that's what initially gets your attention!

Without a sales letter that gets your readers attention and convinces them to buy your product, you're internet business

may suffer. That's how essential it is to have an persuasive sales letter.

If you've ever read every word from an email marketing campaign, then that sales letter obviously did a good job in getting - and keeping - your attention.

Knowing how to write these sales letters is important, obviously! So, how do you do it?

Headlines! Get Their Attention!

Headlines are the first thing that potential customers notice. Not only will you get their attention, but you'll draw them in to read further on in the sales letter.

What Will this Product Do For Your Customer?

"What's in it for me?" You need to make the product sound so interesting and worthy that your customer will feel compelled to have it. Focus on your customer!

Take Action!

At the end of your sales letter, you need to include instructions on actions to be taken. You need to re-state why your client needs your product, and grab their attention again the way you did with the headline.

Now, I realize that all this may sound a little daunting to those who don't necessarily have great writing skills. Writing sales letters may be problematic...

Difficulties With Writing Sales Letters...

- It takes a LOT of time and effort to put sales letters together, which can be torture if you hate writing!

- Writing sales letters is difficult, and requires skill;

- Poorly written sales letters will lose the attention of potential customers fast.

Your sales letter is your pitch, and if it doesn't do a good job, your online business will suffer. How well your sales letter 'sells' is crucial - regardless of whether you want people to subscribe to your site, or buy a product.

Starting from scratch can be overwhelming! Time is money - nobody wants to sit hour after hour writing sales letters that only generate low conversions.

What Should The Internet Marketer Do To Get Online Attention, Save Time, And Get High Quality Sales Letters?

There are software applications out there that create great looking sales letters in minutes. An easy-to-use template is used, and all you have to do is fill-in-the-blanks. This may be the best option for lazy marketers who don't want to pay a copywriter or have no writing talent or time to write. The time saved in writing these sales letters, and the money saved by not paying a copywriter, will make itself back in spades by using these software applications.

"Congratulations! You Made A Sale!" These are words every internet marketer wants to see - and as often as possible!

What to Ask in Your Online Surveys

Online surveys are a very important tool in the online world to gauge the opinions of respondents on how they feel about your products and services, your level of service, or any other factor that they have direct experience with you on. Surveys are powerful tools outside of the realm of business as well, since they are able to make significant changes to corporate policies with respect to society and environmental issues. They also make a significant impact on governmental policies when used as a force to petition. Within the realm of trading operations between a vendor and a customer, surveys are used to understand what kind of changes are required to be made to your products and services that will, for you, increase sales and revenue and, for the customers, increase the value proposition and service levels. Bearing this is mind, it is therefore necessary to ask questions based on a paradigm of getting your current service offering completely right according to customers, improving the existing offering, and then catering to user aspirations.

The whole process should start with understanding your customer demographics. This can be the first few set of questions in any survey. After that, ideally, online surveys should list questions about the existing product line and what the people think about it. Using this method, you will find out all the faults within your existing products and rectify them well before you get a stock of defects and sales returns.

After you implement all the changes, your next round of surveying should ask for information on what can be done to improve the current product line. Here the questioning should be more from a value proposition perspective. This means that you put forward your suggestions and gauge what customers think about your new value proposition. There should be some kind of a clear indication from the survey results about what people want to purchase in the improved product.

The next step of surveying involves asking people what new products and services they would like to see. Obviously, you would narrow down the options to a few feasible ones for the respondents to choose from. This will then form your new, additional product range.

While the above three steps are more specific to a particular situation of a bulk email marketer or manufacturer with an online presence, the basic concept can be applied to any situation where online surveys have to be conducted.

The last and most important part of a surveying exercise lies in the results and their correct interpretation. Results as data are absolute but their interpretation can be quite subjective and perception-based. This means that they are subject to the bias of a reviewer. Avoid falling into this trap by looking at the results of a survey dispassionately even if the survey results could be foreboding the end of an entire product line. Most of the time surveys are used as preemptive tools to avoid this very situation arising.

HTML Newsletters: How Video Email Works

HTML e-mail newsletter templates are a great way to communicate information. When you choose to use video however, be careful to do so in a manner that assures that the e-mail is delivered, and that both are viewed in a way that is conducive to the recipient. We will discuss a few tips that will help you avoid any of these problems with these areas in particular, and to make sure that your video reaches and works in whatever format you have chosen.

Tip 1: Keep the video clips short.
Avoid using clips that are too big. The last thing you want is for your e-mail to take a long time to load, and that your client chooses to delete it immediately before taking the time to read the content. Keep the size of your video clip reasonable.

Tip 2: Provide text as a back up
Many people opt to turn off the viewing of images and video in their e-mail inbox.
To avoid running into this problem, always use a text link that directs the viewer to the video. Include a short description of the video, which itself can be hyperlinked, or can be followed by a link to the video. While this lacks the power of the image, it is also perhaps the safest way to convey your message. On a similar note, never rely on the video clip to carry the crux of the message, in the case that it does not get viewed.

Tip 3: Use a still image with a link by taking a screen shot
Use a still image from the video and link it to the video. This is one way to still use the “look” from your video to attract the attention of the recipient, but without the complications of including the entire video. To do this, take a screen shot of the image you have chosen from the video. Edit this screen shot to suit your e-mail and place it in at the appropriate place. Upload the edited screen shot to the location where you are hosting all your relevant data and note the address of its location. Finally, add this link to the image in the e-mail, so that the viewer will be directed to do it if they click on the image.

Tip 4: Create an animated GIF file of the video. A GIF file is another type of image file, like a JPEG. The benefit is that it allows animated images. Because it is treated like an image, and not like a Flash or JavaScript file, it allows you the chance to include an actual video without getting stuck in the strings of the e-mail service. The catch with this method is that there is no sound – it is just the images of the video, but they are not still and therefore capture the spirit of the video. Again, you run the chance that the user has turned off the image option in their e-mail account, but if not, this is one step up from the option of including an image. Be sure to use a rather small clip so that it does not take too long to load and deter the user from viewing the segment.

HTML Email Templates: 4 Good Practices

HTML email templates are a logical next step that has to occur as part of the growth practices of an internet organization. It is a logical step because as you grow, so grows the needs of your customers to hear more from you. Templates are quite simple to acquire and this can be done by either spending a fixed time on creation of email templates yourself or with a team, by indulging in a free template service provider’s suite of products, or simply using a paid service. There are guidelines and rules that you must follow when you take either route or some general guidelines when you use a template in general. These guidelines are detailed out below:

Thinking ahead: This is a point to remember when you are creating sections within your template. These sections or templates with different sections are important because this is where you will place your links and your advertisements that will be clickables to your landing pages. Sectioning should, therefore, be logical and in a certain arrangement. The most prominent and viewable ads should be placed on the left, the lesser priority ones to the right, and the body text content should always be in between. This is because people naturally gravitate towards reading left to right.

Coding: Many HTML email templates may look like they have pretty simple HTML codes but as the complexity and aesthetics of each email increases, so do the coding complexities. This is especially true when you use sections and tables. Some people would propagate the use of WYSIWYG applications like the Office suite of applications to ensure that the coding makes sense to the creator. While this is true, there is much to be said about the accidental-incidental addition of active X controls by software. Active X and JavaScript are naturally blocked by most email clients because they can be used for viral attacks.

Spam filters: Most HTML template service providers and creators don’t think too much about the effect of loudness to trigger a spam alarm. They are more concerned about selling a good looking product. Do not make the mistake of buying the loudest template because you believe that it is an email that you cannot miss. Most spam filters will parse the HTML code in an email and capture the color combinations that are too loud and sequester them to the spam folder.

Costs: Try and make a sensible decision about costs when using an HTML email template. Do not go in for the free option just because it is available and do not go in for a paid service when your needs are very basic. Ensure that you understand the objective of your email and if you are sending it as a part of a billable exercise. Non-billable activities like sending internal mailers to employees can be done using a free template and doesn’t require complex and costly templates to be used. Therefore, keep the big picture in mind always.

A Users Guide to Success in a Residual Income Affiliate Program‏

There are a number of income models currently in place. In these tough economic times, wages have dropped and the number of secure jobs has been reduced to an alarmingly low level. In these tough times, you need to know the secrets to making good money with a residual income affiliate program.

The commercial side of the online internet boom has provided new chances of an old income model to be implemented in the new world dimensions. Residual income can make your life very easy once you learn how to create it. There are a number of residual income opportunities available. Where do you find them and how much can you make?

Residual income opportunities are available all over the internet. You need to be able to find the right one. In order to get access to the best opportunities available online, we need to get our priorities straight from the word go. There are some important aspects we need to look into before we start making large amounts of money from our residual income.

We need to decide the amount of hours we will be putting in. We also need to assess ourselves and decide what we would be good at. The best place to start is to find a good solid online program that will teach you the skills you will need and walk you through each step in the proper sequence.

We need to look for the right kind of residual income affiliate program. Many people are unaware of the financial aspects of online commercial business. A good program will give you all of the information you will need to make the right choice for you.

The most attractive opportunity is with a residual income affiliate program. These are opportunities that continue to provide you with a passive income in the future. These are out there and people are making a lot of money with them. However, there are many tips and tricks that you need to know in order to succeed.

It is imperative to join a good online program that will teach you these things. If you try and figure it all out on your own, your chance of success diminishes greatly. Find someone who has done it and follow their lead. Do what they already know works.

It is possible to make a good income online. The key is to know what you are doing. There are two ways to learn. One, you can learn the hard way by trial and error. Eventually you might figure it all out but it will cost both time and money. Two, find a good online program that will teach you everything you need to know. Follow it step by step and you will be able to avoid those costly mistakes that you would make if you were on your own. If you get started the right way, with the power of knowledge, you will be able to follow a course to success sooner than you might think.

Internet Marketing Articles

In its general sense, internet marketing covers a wide area in the internet business. Allow our writers to guide you through the important things you should know about this in their internet marketing articles.

Let your small business grow into a profit-building machine. You can do this if you take by heart the successful internet marketing tips. Make surveys and get paid. There are at least five quick ways to do this. You can also get more traffic to your webpage by using the right internet marketing strategies.

Owning & Operating a Successful Forum

It’s been more than thirty years since the invention of the ARPANet, the Defense Department’s first iteration of the Internet as we know it today. ARPANet was designed to facilitate sharing and gathering of information and to increase data redundancy in the event of a catastrophe. In its earliest form, the Internet was nothing more than a bulleting board system, or forum, where people could get together and post and comment on new and relevant information. Now, thirty years later, forums are still a central part of the Internet as we know it. So, it stands to reason that there is a very large market in creating and maintaining an Internet forum that deals with a subject that many people are interested in. What action should a 21st century entrepreneur take to capitalize on all of this potential? The most laborious, but also the most gratifying way, is to create an original, high-demand forum or online community.

The first big decision that must be made is what purpose the online community or forum will serve. Will it be a stand-alone forum, using the “hive consciousness” to disseminate information in place of a dedicated web site, or will it be a forum that is affiliated or a part of another web site?

If the message board is intended to stand alone, in place of a traditional web site, there are some unique challenges to overcome. The first and primary requirement is an audience. If there is nobody to listen and contribute content to the forum, then it is an exercise in futility. The forum should be based on a topic that a lot of people are interested in, to ensure a constant supply of new readers and contributors. Another concern with young message boards or forums is a lack of content. It stands to reason that a day old forum should have less content than a well established one. However, there are ways of legitimately filling a new, blossoming forum with lots of fresh, original, and meaningful content. If another forum owner or moderator is willing, sometimes a post exchange can be arranged, where two forums combine and share their content with each other, to supply each with quality content. Another common method is more similar to traditional 9-5 employment. Forum owners can, and often do, “employ” or otherwise compensate talented writers to join their forums, and regularly post quality content to the site. This route works well, since there are experienced writers, stimulating dialogue and member involvement.

It is much easier to make a forum succeed and thrive if it is affiliated or launched in conjunction with another web site. Especially if the web site already has a dedicated, loyal following, getting the audience to voice their opinion and interact with each other is much easier if they have a mutual interest or experience to bond over. The only main drawbacks to this type of forum format are those that are universal to almost any enterprise- there is overhead, in the form of server and hosting fees, and also as payroll, if someone is being paid to contribute content. However, the time and effort put into promoting and furthering the forum, the more rewarding the experience will be for everyone including owners, moderators, administrators, and posters alike.

Make Money From Blogs - Know How

If you are already keeping a personal blog, you might as well explore the possibility of earning a little extra cash from it. You can definitely make money from blogs as proven by a lot of success stories by people who have abandoned their thankless jobs in favour of being a full time blogger. In order to make money from blogs, you have to shift your interests from personal experiences to business related contents that will be useful to other people, particularly online businesses that are in constant need of advertising.

You can choose to be a part of paid blogging sites and get money from the projects you do but if you want to think big and earn big, you should consider turning your blog into an advertising site where products and services can be promoted to potential buyers. You will not only make money from blogs but also from the residual sales proceeds of which you will be entitled to.

The possibilities are endless especially if you take time to explore as many of them as possible. You will not only make a lot of money, you will also have a new found career that is infinitely more rewarding than any other job you had in the past. You should always make room for improvements particularly when you are dealing with direct customers who are interested in the merchandise you are helping to sell. There is always a possibility to make your site more interesting and appealing to visitors.

It's good to have a personal blog.

Forums Articles

Different forum sites were launched to cater to different groups of clients. The newer ones are those for siggies, tags and tubes – a unique new internet art forum.

One of the most popular forums articles is about how to conduct internet romance. There are websites that use forums to their own advantage – for their business and even SEO.

Get the best ideas about how to use forums to get free traffic to your website.

Would You Like To Build An Internet Business Empire Using 4 Block Formula?

Do you want to know lucrative ways to setup highly profitable internet marketing business? If your answer is yes, then this article will surely show some ways that will help you in setting up your own money making business online. Here are 4 easy steps that you need to learn... Step 1 - Start Researching A Profitable Niche. Step 2 - Create A Minisite For Affiliate Marketing. Step 3 - Create Killer Follow Up Process. Step 4 - Start Driving Instant Traffic. Let's get down for more juicy details... Step 1 - Start Researching Profitable Niche. First of all you have to decide which product you want to sell. If you want you can search the profitable product niche with the help of Google on internet. Make sure that your product should have reasonable demand on internet. Step 2 - Create A Minisite For Affiliate Marketing. Once you are ready with the product, create a minisite to make money through affiliate marketing. For that you can search some exciting affiliate programs in your niche to start your money making process. Step 3 - Create Killer Follow Up Process. I know that this is one of the crucial tasks to do. You should create quality content based articles and set them with your auto-responder system to follow up with your list automatically for a year. Also include your affiliate product offers with your articles. Step 4 - Start Driving Instant Traffic. Once you setup all the things, now you just require traffic, traffic and more traffic. There are many ways that you can use to bring tons of visitors on your site. You can use article marketing, blogging, forums etc to get massive traffic on your site.

5 Top Quality Steps to Setup A Profitable Internet Business

Do you know why people have selected an internet business for earning the killer money? The reason is simple; internet business provides them the option to work according to their choice. While doing business on the internet, you don't need to follow particular work schedule. You just need to be consistent while working online. Here are 5 killer steps you need to learn... Step 1 - Research A Profitable Niche. Step 2 - Setup A Content Rich Website. Step 3 - Grab A Hosting Service To Run Your Website. Step 4 - Automate Your Website. Step 5 - Get Tons Of Traffic On Your Site. Let's get down for more details... Step 1 - Research A Profitable Niche. You have to research high demand niche surfing search engines like Yahoo and Google. Make sure that you select a niche which has amazing potential that can earn you massive income for a lifetime. Step 2 - Setup A Content Rich Website. Once you finish the selection of your niche, you need to setup your business website by creating unique quality content on your site. You have to create the content that attracts your visitors and forces them to come again and again on your site. Step 3 - Grab A Hosting Service To Run Your Website. Make sure that you select quality hosting service to run your website. Step 4 - Automate Your Website. If you want to grow your internet business at a powerful speed, then you have to use automation tools like auto-responder system, ad tracking system, order processing system etc. Step 5 - Get Tons Of Traffic On Your Site. You have to drive tons of traffic on your site, if you want to make huge income from your internet marketing business website. Write and post articles to high traffic directories, if you want to get instant traffic on your site.

Venturing into the Exciting World of Ecommerce

It all started in 2001 with 800 DJ Promo Disco Vinyl Records. We had them - how do we sell them?

I had been online since 1998 as a graphic designer so I was not a newcomer to the internet nor of selling my talents. But selling a specific product was not something I had ever considered. Where do I sell these records? How much are they worth? Who would want them? How do I get started?

Online Shopping was just getting off the ground and Ecommerce was new and exciting to think about. Knowing nothing about Ecommerce I spend quite a lot of time reading whatever I could find to educate myself to its pros and cons. A friend told me about eBay which had been around since 1997. I had never been to eBay - had no idea what it was all about - but I pointed my browser to the site and never looked back.

Learing the ropes of eBay was not hard. Read all of the directions, learn how to list, open an eBay store and you are in business.

My partner and I spend hours and hours searching for information about vinyl records, We learned how to grade them, what genre each record fell into, and histories of the artists.
We took pictures of the records to be uploaded to our eBay store and listened to every records so we could grade it accurately. We researched each record to learn everything we could about the artist, the lable, the producer. Finally we felt qualified to start listing on eBay.

Oh, the thrill of that first sale!! We were hooked. During the next two years we listed records on a non stop basis. We sold almost all of them and made a very good profit. When we ran out of records to sell we started looking around the house for things to list. We sold off collectibles, dishes, clothes, shoes, and whatever else we could find that we didn't want anymore. Finally we just ran out of stuff to sell.

A friend of ours said she had started making Italian Charms. Well, frankly,I had no idea at all what Italian Charms were!! I checked them out online and found out that they are small rectangular interchangeable charms featuring a design on the face of them. I determined that if she could make them so could I.

I thought my backgound as a graphic designer would come in handy in designing for these little charms. It never crossed my mind to just buy ready made enamel and laser charms to resell - I wanted to make something different and unique.

I started making designs of butterflies, flowers, animals, places, etc. After many trials and errors we learned how to affix them to the base stainless steel charm and cover them with a clear, waterproof acryllic coating. We listed them on eBay and to our utter amazement they sold!!

Most of our time from then on was taken up by creating designs and making the charms. The nice thing about all of this is that we didn't need to make the charms until they were ordered so there was no inventory to keep except the raw materials needed. And, we loved making them!

After another year we decided to branch out and get our own website. We put up one page and redirected it to our eBay store. We soon decided that it was time to get out of eBay and concentrate on building up our website.

I knew absolutely nothing about shopping carts. That was an adventure in itself but I read and researched and finally had a rudimentary understanding of what they were all about.

I started building our webstore. Since I was a graphic designer and had built quite a few personal websites for other people I figured I knew what I was doing. I did not use one of the ecommerce hosting sites. I used a private host and had to implement everything myself. Page by page it began to emerge right before my eyes until I had over 400 pages of Italian Charms.

Putting up a website is the easy part - learning how to successfully sell your product is not. Since I was used to Paypal from my days on eBay and I signed up for their Website Payment Pro service and used a shopping card that was intergrated with Paypal. It took me well over a week to configure the shopping cart for my use but when I was done adding the html code to each and every charm I had an online webstore. I notified all of my former eBay customers that we had opened out store and waited for the orders to rush in. And waited. And waited.

Ok, now what? I had never heard of SEO, keywords, optimization, css style sheets or anything else a successful online business needs to know.. So I researched again. I read everything I could find - all the while adding more and more charms to the store. I learned how to optimize for search engines, how to use meta tags, and how to promote my business. I used adword campaigns, email newsletters and gave discounts for customers. I added a site search engine, advertised when my budget allowed and kept adding charms to the store.

Today our store, JenaLis Charms, is thriving. We carry over 1500 custom and personalized Italian charms and accessories and, as always, I just keep adding more and more charms. My word to anyone starting out? Research, know your product and don't be afraid to take that first step. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish if you put your mind to it and really want to succeed.

Paymenex: A Safe and Secure way to pay Online

E-commerce is becoming prominent because of its features - allowing buying and selling online from the comfort of homes or offices. It is then necessary for organizations to extend their businesses and services online, but two vital issues exists between the online buyers and the online sellers:

  • The Buyers are apprehensive about their personal information attached to their credit or debit cards which can be stolen by criminals whilst making online card payment.
  • The Sellers are apprehensive that the person on the other side of the internet making card payment might not be the legitimate cardholder, and in the event of a fraudulent transaction, the seller/merchant will have to refund the full amount and most times with additional charges.

Paymenex and E-Commerce card payment

Paymenex operated the membership based financial network which its members use to deliver Paymenex range of cards and D-Voucher to their customers. This network platform know as Paymenex TransNET is an all-in-one payment and financial transaction platform with a sophisticated 3 tie card security that provides a secure and reliable global network for processing financial transactions powered by the 3WSentry Card security technology built after an academic research at 2 top UK Universities.

Payment TransNET network allows the issuing, processing, and transactions with Paymenex range of branded credit and debit cards, disposable vouchers, money service business card, debt collection account card, store value and Gift Card, Points, Reward and Incentives.

Paymenex Benefits

  • The Buyers: Cardholders DO NOT need to provide names of their ancestors to pay online with Paymenex. The cardholder’s personal information is concealed and exchanged with a 3W Sentry Card Security range of dynamic time-factored codes during payment so that only the security features of the card is used to make payment.
    Paymenex™ TransNET also offers cardholders the options of presetting when and where to use their cards on the internet powered by the 3WSentry real-time authentication.
  • The Sellers: The worry of authorizing a stolen card payment is eliminated as Paymenex™ cards cannot be used without something the cardholder will know in real-time during every payment, every card payment transaction is unique and protected by a time-lock session ID.
    Paymenex™ does not use static username and password or passkey as its competitors which renders cardholders vulnerable on the internet, it is dynamic, with an option to alert cardholders when card information is in use.

Paymenex is commited to securing the integrity of transactions by providing security solutions and always being watchful. Their main mission is to provide a secure payment network to protect cardholders and merchants during transactions especially on the internet.

ECommerce Articles

Ecommerce has put online business in a platform that could give just two outcomes – success or failure. Because of this you have to make sure that your business will sustain its growth through time.

The top five ecommerce sites can help you get started. There is a simple way to generate income – auction marketing. This business has gone worldwide and still continues. Look for our ecommerce articles that teach you how to find a profitable niche market.

A website hosting company plays crucial role behind success of a website

With communication convergence, information highway has attained a new dimension. Websites are now the popular and easy way of communication and web hosting companies have come forward to facilitate the global and Australian companies in their process of initiating web presence. There are numerous web based service providers and it is often difficult to identify a suitable one. Self analysis and research is often advised but that too is nowadays an online process. So, hardly anyone can deny the importance of websites. Finding the right Australian web based service provider is not at all a challenge as many of the web development companies are offering complete website hosting services.

Selecting a domain name is easy when the business vertical is identified; it is worth to note that the domain extensions comprehensively denote purpose of the businesses. The business organizations buy domains ending with .biz; the educational institutes usually use .edu. On the other hand several corporations want to highlight name of the country for which the web site has been developed. So, the process of domain selection is indeed interesting and in case of any confusion it is best to consult with a proper website hosting company. Short domain names are easy to remember and type in while browsing. For businesses with long names it is best to break the domain names for better purposes.

The main purpose of the businesses are simple, it is just product promotion and increase of ROI or return after investment of some money in a particular venture. As Australia successfully implemented electronic commerce, several website hosting companies have mushroomed. It is best to do some self research before selection of a proper web design company. Nowadays the reputed web design companies are reselling domains. Shared use of a server is now widely in vogue. The mid and small sized businesses are eying for shared domain and at the same time the big firms and big business players are using self owned servers. The administrational facilities remain more in case of self owned servers.

There are plenty of online discussion forums and just sitting in front of the personal computer we can know more about the best possible options of website hosting. Cheap web hosting is interesting but it might have detrimental effects as well. A site reflects a company’s image and Australians are sensible about usability of sites. Several sites that have fallen to the traps of free hosting or free hosting, later suffered a lot. Slow download of a site drives the visitor towards an alternative one. A comparative analysis before selection of a website is of immense help. Free consultation that the different website hosting companies offer makes estimation of investment for launching a website much clear.

Broadband Connection Interesting Article

Finding specific information about broadband connection might not be easy but we have gathered very helpful and relevant information about the general subject matter, with the ultimate aim of helping you out. Even if your search is about other broadband connection information, such as internet access via satellite, broadband internet phone service, satellite broadband internet or even broadband isp finder, this article will prove very helpful, to say the least.

Packages can now include several different discounts such as, free months, wireless routers, memory cards, free minutes and cheap calls, anti virus and spam software, line rental, installation, no minimum contract periods.

As long as you get a mobile broadband package with a good speed, mobile broadband can easily replace traditional broadband in your home. In order to run a flexible and modern business, the Internet isn't something that you would want to loose contact with when out of the office.

With the growing popularity of the Internet, the usage of broadband has also become increased almost everywhere. The broadband connection provides great advantage than the old traditional Internet cable connection. The old medium offered Internet service at minimal speed and the server also used to be very slow. With the advent of the broadband connection, one can freely access Internet at a high speed. Various Internet providers render various broadband offers. These schemes often deal with gifts, free calling and even with free Wi-Fi connectivity. Those days have gone when each time we had to connect the Internet with our computers, but with the availability of broadband, we can use Internet anytime at convenient speed. In the UK, many broadband providers offer unlimited broadband at affordable rates.

Don't forget to realize that this article can cover information related to broadband connection but can still leave some stones unturned. Head on over to the search engines like Ask dot com for more specific broadband connection information.

The actual cable modem is simply a piece of equipment that converts the data transmissions. The modem connects to the cable television and the computer. The transmission of both upstream and downstream data on the cable television system requires two types of equipment: a cable modem on the customer end and a Cable-Modem Termination System (CMTS) at the cable provider's end.

A broadband Internet phone is a telephone connection using a broadband Internet service. This broadband connection can be either cable or DSL and operate at speeds far greater than those of dial-up, are continuously connected to the Internet and required to enable proper use of a broadband Internet phone.

Wireless Hot-spot technology is now second placing to a new Mobile Internet phenomena rapidly taking hold in the United Kingdom. Mobile Broadband is now a reality with the advent of lightning fast new 3G Mobile Internet. Laptop users can now take advantage of this ultra-convenient and high speed Mobile Broadband solution. Several of the UK's leading mobile phone providers offer a wide variety of Mobile Broadband packages to suit all requirements and budgets.

Many people searching for broadband connection also searched online for internet services providers, cheap broadband, and even high speed wireless broadband.

Web Hosting Service Providers and Basic Criteria for their Selection

When it comes to buy web hosting services for your website, getting better deal for your money with more features is always preferred. Certain things have to be looked upon in the web hosting service provider.

Even if your website is not into selling something than also make every possible effort to give it a professional look. Some might need host providers to give added features for ecommerce, some might require supporting Linux, Unix and Windows. Apart from right type of hosting services you have to also select the company that offer strong client support, high-end services, back-up and so on.

Before arriving at the final decision and deciding on the company, read on their terms and conditions very carefully in order to avoid any future complications. Cheap web hosting might attract you, but see to it that you get quality along with it. Don't be hesitant in asking questions to the web hosting company and solve all your doubts before hiring their services.

You can find good web hosting company online that can meet up your demands. Every company claims that they are the best and can give desired results. You have to scan them and decide which one is speaking truth. Online forums also gives valuable feedback regarding best web hosting companies in the market.

Different companies offer different payment methods and schemes, some have schemes that requires yearly payments whereas some may even allow to pay on monthly basis. It depends on your budget and requirement as to which one suits you the most. Don't just go by the words of the hosting company, test their quality of customer service through different times via mails, phone or any other medium applicable.

After the platform for website hosting is decided the next step is to decide the features required by your site. It requires extensive research and studying of different shortlisted web hosting service providers and the features they have to offer. For all-round website development you need web hosting company that is reliable and trust-worthy. Generally the bigger headlines do not offer complete picture about the offerings.

The features of web host account varies from one solution provider to another. Experts always recommend to go for advance packages rather than plain accounts as site might grow big in near future demanding more functionality. The choice of hosting can be individual or shared.

Why Web Hosting has become momentous for promotion of every business?

Web Hosting is a service where one computer configured as internet server that allow client to share a part or whole resources in exchange with their rental fee. Web Hosting Service ensures that client can access their server from anywhere. But client should have internet connection to connect to the server. Hosting is the business of housing, serving and maintaining web sites. Most important thing than computer space that is provided to websites is connection to internet. Server should provide proper uptime so that your website should be available to their clients when ever they try to access it.

Normally Affordable Web Hosting Services are available that are cheap in quality along with price. But in real Affordable Web Hosting means that services that are best in quality and price both. If you are starting your business then Affordable Web Hosting is a right option to choose for advertising your company. You can get experience of working with any Web Hosting Company. Some good Web Hosting companies provide services with flexible and convenient options along with online service packages especially for particular business needs at reasonable price. It includes designing website and adding content to web page. After completing web page company need to place it on the internet so that others can visit it. This exertion is identified by only Web Hosting that helps in hosting website on the World Wide Web.

Web Hosting Company has a primary focus on invincible technical support and award winning hosting services. Business Web Hosting includes merchant accounts, shopping cart, merchant services etc. Web Hosting providers provides excellent Web Hosting services that are very well suited to all type of websites such as: business, education, entertainment, eCommerce, bulletin board, forums and other media based websites. Every industry is looking for Web Hosting as it has become requisite to survive in the online business

. Providing Affordable Web Hosting for an effective web presence has become prime concern of the Web Hosting provider. Before searching for best and low cost Web Hosting you should know about how much monthly bandwidth, storage space, data transfer Web Hosting Company is providing.

If you are thinking for Web Hosting for your website with the Affordable Web Hosting Services then you have no need to look further. You will find the reliable and quality Cheap Hosting packages at our Web Hosting Company. These packages are perfect for small scale as well as for large scale business in term of budget and excellent Web Hosting Services. We offer outstanding quality, refuge, storage capacity along with the consistent services. We provide you facility of free domain name registration, latest database, control panel and e-mail facility along with the Web Hosting packages along with the competence to build, design, manage and promote the professional websites.

The Google Plan for Interplanetary Domination

The Google Plan for Interplanetary Domination

Google, a company that some conspiracy theorists honestly believe has a plan for ultimate world domination, has a history of pulling April Fool’s pranks that later end up as real products or policies. In the last several years, two particular jokes had to do with the exploration and colonization of the solar system. It is clear from subsequent events that there may be a different angle to Google’s domination plans, one that doesn’t involve Earth at all.

The evidence now being uncovered points to the Moon and Mars as being the objects of Google’s takeover plans, not Earth. Earth is on its way out anyway, observes Google-watcher Max Fulton, a space colonization expert and 7th grade science teacher in Omaha, Nebraska. Fulton claims that the so-called April Fool’s jokes of 2007 and 2008 Project Copernicus, the lunar hosting and research site, and Project Virgle, the first human colony on Mars were released on April 1st specifically to convince people they were just pranks, instead of the diabolical plans for intergalactic tyranny that they really are.

Clues Abound
Fulton and others claim that the clues are all around us and that the entire Google conspiracy can be teased out from the headlines, Internet forum chats, government leaks and reruns of the Nancy Grace cable-TV show. Put the clues together in the right way, say the conspiracy pros, and the story line becomes quite clear. Asking the right questions, too, is extremely important.

Do we have the technology to host Internet servers on the moon? asks Maria Escuela, rhetorically. Of course. And you know we can get there. You put it together. Escuela is correct that high-powered transmitters, the fleet of Earth satellites and the fact that Google has more money that the Vatican and Fort Knox put together all add up to an enticing probability. In my opinion, Escuela says, Google got to the Moon at least a year before they posted their disinformation about Project Copernicus.

Mars, then Jupiter?
The Mars project is codenamed Project Virgle, and got its name from the two companies cooperating on the endeavor, Virgin and Google. Virgin’s mini-billionaire Richard Branson, along with Google’s mega-billionaires Larry Page and Sergey Brin, have still not denied any of the claims made by those who are investigating the April Fool’s stories. Why the silence? Why the refusal to confront these allegations? Why isn’t Google saying anything about all this? It appears there may be something to hide, and often that thing turns out to be the truth.

Another clue is in the partnership more precisely, the partner involved in Project Virgle with the Google duo. Branson owns an airline, and has long been an avowed fan of space travel, even investing in some 21st century space-race startup companies. Who better to team up with for the colonization of Mars and, the rumors insist, Jupiter after that? There is no telling how many scientists, aviators, baggage handlers and flight attendants Branson has already loaned to Project Virgle. With his money, connections and famous predilection for disappearing for hours every other Friday night ostensibly for a poker game with other wealthy power brokers Branson is just the sort of experienced agent of influence that the young, less-worldly Google guys need.

Who can save us?
Clearly, the April Fool’s stories were planted to distract the world from the truth of Google’s solar system takeover. When the company makes an April Fool’s announcement, the fact is that they come true. The Gmail service was announced on April 1st of 2004. Does anyone seriously doubt that Gmail is a real, working e-mail system? Of course not! Still, the public is woefully ignorant of the real danger posed by Google, and there are few white knights out there spreading the word and preparing to defend truth, justice and the Internet way.

It is no accident that the firm is named after the Moon, and its executives are experts on everything lunar. They are watching closely the actions of the Google/Virgin conspiracy, so keep checking in and you will hear them raise the alarm at the appropriate time. Until then, you will likely hear no more stories about the Google plan for interplanetary domination, unless they are to debunk the idea or call the whistleblowers crazy morons. Now that you know the way things really work, the silence and/or denials about this subject should be just about all the proof you need!

How Web Hosting is contracting world into shorter space?

Web Hosting means providing space to consumers on the web servers so that their World Wide Websites can be accessed by anyone while surfing on the network. Web Hosting allows the company or individual to have an access with rest of the world on internet through their website. Web Hosting is not only for providing space on the net but it also manages various websites on the network.

Today is a competitive world. Everybody wants to be at the top of the world. Linking is the only way with which one can achieve this goal. Web Hosting can help a lot in this context. Web Hosting provides space to exhibit all our contents that we want to share with others. It also provides every user an address ID so that one can easily locate one site among millions of sites around the world. For getting Web Hosting Services one can choose from a large number of Web Hosting Companies. He can also select whether he wants to have a free Web Hosting or a paid Web Hosting according to his needs and budget.

If you are a beginner and had just created a website then you can take the help of the C- panel. C –panel stands for control panel that helps the new ones to manage their websites in an easy and efficient way. It manages E-mails, helps to solve every problem step by step.

Types of Web Hosting:

  1. Virtual Web Hosting:-In this type of Web Hosting a large number of sites are placed on a single server and every single user is given a single ID address. It thus helps to maintain many sites on a single server.
  2. Dedicated Web Hosting: - In dedicated Web Hosting a single server is provided with a single user. Such type of Web Hosting helps to maintain the identity of the user on the server. He himself has the full access to the server and is responsible for its maintenance and security.
  3. Reseller Web Hosting: - In such type of Web Hosting a person buys a space on the server. The further sells this space to other users on rent. They themselves provide technical assistance to their customers.

Before selecting any Web Hosting Company one needs to take out complete information regarding the company. It should have an enough experience with Web Hosting. It should provide enough disk space to its customers. A Web Hosting Company should be able to maintain the data and the contents of its customers in an efficient way. A Web Hosting company should be able to provide Web Hosting Services with a lightning speed. It should be able to provide efficient technical assistance so that customer can have an easy solution whenever he finds any trouble with his website. It should be able to provide protection to ID address of its customers so that they are protected against any mishapennings.

Web Hosting is thus maintaining links with several websites and managing linking and protecting various websites on the internet. IWIHosting is a beneficial and reliable company that provides efficient Web Hosting with eye catching service plans. For more information just visit:

Is Cheap Web Hosting Reliable? Be Selective When Choosing The Services

“Is cheap web hosting reliable?” This is the question posed many of you who are planning to start your own cheap hosting site. Well, the answer to this widely asked question is yes and it has an increasing amount of web hosting providers promoting their cheap services worldwide. Before I go any further, always remember this - Cheap hosting sites are not inferior in any ways. They are specially catered to those with different needs, perhaps a smaller sized company. Let me just share with you a couple of tips that might just make a difference in your business when choosing a hosting site.
The first thing when you get started in choosing a hosting site is to check thoroughly on the services and features it provides. Before you decide to purchase any hosting packages, be sure to identify the specific details such as the disk space, size of bandwidth, programming language and all the other features. If you are uncertain with the site adhering to all your requirements, try searching for sites that gives you a 30-day money back guarantee. This will give you a sense of security and relief because you know that you will not lose money if you are dissatisfied with their services and decide to pull out.
Another thing that you must ask yourself before searching for a proper hosting page is how many web pages you are planning to set up. If the answer to the question is more than one, make sure you find a web hosting provider that gives you multiple accounts for the price of one. This will not only make things easier but save you a whole lot of money. There are plenty of web hosting providers that offer this service therefore there is no need to worry about not being able to find one.
You will be able to find web hosting providers by looking them up on simple search engines such as Google and Yahoo search. If you are not convinced and wish to find out more, you could try looking them up in discussions sites and forums. This is a good way of checking on customer satisfaction. Usually, customers who are happy with the online hosting services will post a simple entry complimenting the specific company. In order to ensure that the person who comments in the entry is really a customer and not from the company, check his/her other posts and replies in the forum.
So are you ready now for your very own cheap hosting site?

Special Features Of Best Web Hosting

Web hosting is a vital part of any online business and therefore it is imperative to have a reliable hosting company with very least downtime. A wrong choice can affect your business badly. For instance, if your website company doesn’t offer high uptime, most of your visitors will close your website before it is even opened. This will contribute to the loss of your business. Thus, you ought to seek out the best web hosting service provider.

Although it may not be easy to find specific information about the best web hosting company, here are some relevant information regarding the subject, which we hope, will be of some assistance to you. If after reading through this article and you still have further queries, you can always conduct searches on any of the major search engines.

The location of your web hosting plays a vital role in your website business because it determines your website response time. As such, you should decide the location of your hosting company based on your website traffic. In other words, select the location where you can get most of your customers. Another important matter is security, which is the main concern for the people having websites as well as for the peak e-commerce companies. Having a good administrator and a good web hosting company is one way to avoid security problems.

It is also important to look for both unlimited disk space and data transfer as nowadays hardware is so low-priced that many web hosting companies provide this facility as an additional feature. You have to take your future traffic into consideration before deciding on disk space and bandwidth, which commands the flow of data in and out of the website. If bandwidth usage is more than the visitors on your site, it means that the data on your site is large and it takes time to download them.

A good hosting company will understand your needs and guide you in your website development, giving you full support. They will help to set up the various scripts and software on your server for free and with the interest of your website in mind, help you to get maximum profits with the least expenses. Features like WordPress, e-commerce, Joomla, etc, are provided without any extra charges. A reliable technical support available at all time is another factor that cannot be overlooked. The best web hosting service should provide uptime of more than 99%, ensuring fast operation of the website.

Cheap Web Hosting Versus Expensive Web Hosting

Whenever you are searching for web hosting online, you are going to come across two different kinds of web hosting. You are going to come across some that cost a lot and some that do not. Choosing which one is right for you is going to revolve around what kind of services you need. Today we are going to compare a few of the differences that you can find when it comes to cheap web hosting and expensive web hosting. In the end, you may just find that cheap web hosting is the better of the two. Of course, it does depend on a few factors.

First of all, cheap web hosting is just like expensive web hosting in just about every way. However, cheap web hosting costs less than the expensive one. So why would someone choose to get the more costly one over the cheap one? Well, this has to do with one major important factor. That is the fact that some people do not like to shop around. When you first start searching for web hosting companies, it is very easy to come across the higher costing ones first. A lot of people tend to think that you have to buy expensive if you want it to be any good. However, what they do not know is that most cheap web hosting companies offer the same plans as the expensive sites, just at different prices. If you are willing to look around a bit, you can find cheap web hosting at great prices!

The real choice you are going to have to make is what kind of tools you want with your web site. Do you want unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth? These are a few features that cheap web hosting companies normally do not offer (some do, but not too many of them do). Thus, if you need that much space, then expensive web hosting companies are the way to go. Of course, do keep in mind that most cheap web hosting companies are big enough to support small businesses and any kind of personal web site that you could ever want to run.

In the end, it's clear that cheap web hosting is really the better choice of the two. Unless you are in a big hurry, and you do not have the time to look for a good cheap web hosting company, then you should always go with the cheap company. In the end, you are saving yourself money, and you are still getting the overall same features.


DrunkDuck is a free webcomic hosting service founded by Dylan Squires in 2002. The site provides a community, peer and fan based feedback through a voting/comment system, and various rankings of webcomics divided in two categories, which are Comic Books and Comic Strips. DrunkDuck has been a continuously active website since it was relaunched in January 2006.


DrunkDuck front page, circa June 2003

DrunkDuck was founded in 2002 by Dylan Squires. By 2003 the site was rapidly gaining comics (thanks, in part, to severe bandwidth issues experienced at the time by Keenspace, another comic hosting site), and Platinum Accounts were introduced to provide users with extra hosting options. These accounts helped to fund both the site and later projects, such as the DrunkDuck comic anthologies.

Since its founding DrunkDuck has accumulated thousands of comics, though the majority are dormant accounts. The last known statistics held that the site averaged around 150 updates per day.[citation needed]

Partnership with Buzzcomix

DrunkDuck announced its partnership with BuzzComix in early 2004, allowing a symbiotic cooperation between the two sites. This partnership has since decreased in importance and is no longer directly visible on the DrunkDuck site, though BuzzComix continues to use a special category for sorting DrunkDuck members.[1]

Crash and relaunch

Previous DrunkDuck front page, featuring multiple customized lists

DrunkDuck suffered a crash in late 2005 due to loss of data by the site's host. The hosting company was experiencing financial issues due to lack of income and profitability causing the server that DrunkDuck was then hosted on to be shut off. The future of the site was deemed uncertain by Squires, who stated that though the site would likely return, it was not clear what sort of services it would provide.

On January 1, 2006, Squires announced that DrunkDuck would make a full return. Several beta testers were chosen who gave the new system a thorough tryout, eventually clearing the way for open enrollment. Many of the original site's features were restored and new functionality was added.



In late August 2006, Druck Duck moved to a new dedicated server with daily back-ups and high bandwidth capability. Soon after, Squires unveiled the new DrunkDuck page layout. It quickly managed to polarize the community; the majority of users agreed that it did look more professional, but criticized it for its cluttered appearance and cutting the recently updated list down to only 5 comics. Many also complained that some of the more popular comics were being given an advantage as they were given thumbnail links in a large red window right above the recent update list.[2][3] Squires promised another update within 30 days, but upon hearing the complaints of users, the site was quickly modified to restore the recently updated list to 25. Version 1.1 also removed the thumbnail window for the most popular comics.[4]

Version 1.1 also launched a new comic browsing tool. In this release comics may be searched by genre, type, or statistical values (popularity, page count, or update frequency). The browse search tool allows the user to control all the variables to allow for targeted searches. The site now features a universal control bar at the top of all pages allowing access to favorite comics as well as the browse/search function, site store, forum, and user controls.

Version 2.0 was launched near the end of September 2006. The news about Drunkduck being bought by Platinum Studios was more evident in this extra large update. The user favorites bar previously on the left hand side of pages had been moved to the right hands side. The comic categories have increased and the icons changed. New features included a private messaging system, an integrated forum, and featured comics section on the front page. Five featured comics are displayed one by one on the front page, these comics being reviewed and chosen by an administrator. The Old PhBB forum was removed with the new integrated forum, Drunkduck users use their Drunkduck accounts to post on the forums rather than signing up for a forum username. Within the first hours of the launch of the new forum complaints poured in about the layout of yellow text on a blue background. Not too long after this was replaced with black text on a gray back.

Also new from the release of 2.0 was the homepage feature for comics. Although still being worked on, the homepage feature allows the user to give his or her comic 'main page' allowing the listing of chapters, description of the webcomic, and recommended comics from the users favorite list to be displayed. On the other hand, to emphasize it being the 'homepage' ratings for are left off and it requires users to go to the actual comic page in order to rate that particular page.


Angelfire is an Internet venture offering free space for web sites. Angelfire also offered an online email service but this ceased operation in January 2002. In the past, it was long known for providing advertising-free hosting. (It also offered medical transcription services).[citation needed] The site was bought by Mountain View, California-based WhoWhere, which was itself subsequently purchased by the search engine company Lycos. As Lycos already offered web page hosting with advertising through its acquisition of, Angelfire's offering was modified to also have parity with Tripod, including the addition of an increasing amount of ads but also by offering more disk space.

As of 2008, Angelfire continues to operate separately from Tripod and now includes features such as blog building and a photo gallery builder. It also supports, for paid members only, CGI scripts written in Perl. Until May 2004, Angelfire offered free email (as a cobrand of Mailcity) at the domain, but this feature has been replaced by webmail for premium users only (through Lycos Domains).

Although the Angelfire and Tripod are very much separate sites, they do share much of the same underlying software, such as the blog application. Lycos brands, including both Angelfire and Tripod, were licensed to a company in the UK, which shut them down. The media announced they were shutting down but neglected to note that they were in no way related to their U.S. counterparts, resulting in a January 2009 posting by Lycos.

Co-branding and resellers

Some services offer co-branding services. These let you brand fixed plans with your own company. Other services, offer WHM or panel reselling. This allows the client to develop his or her own web hosting plans and business.

File hosting on webhosts

Most free web hosts discourage using their services for file or image hosting only, with no web page, since advertising is displayed on the web page. Because of this, hotlinking is usually disallowed on free hosts. Some free webhosts will also disallow files over a certain size (for example, 5 MB). However, there are free file hosting services which allow large files as well as hotlinking.

Methods of giving out web hosting

Instant Activation

Due to the risks of illegal, inappropriate, and abusive website, hosts with instant activation usually give very little storage space and monthly bandwidth. Other restrictions will likely also be in effect. The webhosts usually either require the users' web pages to display their banner ads, textlink ads, or popups; or else the users' files to be uploaded through a web-based file manager that display ads to the user uploading files.

Hosts with instant activation are often abused, such as link spamming.

Post for Hosting

Some free hosts require posting in a forum. Forum-based free hosting requires users to either reach a certain amount of posts before getting a free hosting account, or be an active contributor in the forum. Forum-based free hosting often work on a system of points where posts give points to a user and can be used as credits toward getting a hosting account or more resources. Typically, the forum where users have to post contains advertising as the hosts way of making a profit.

Forum applications

This method is popular, as the hosts can decide which applications to deny and allow. This is common when a popular forum has free hosting as an add-on service, rather than the other way around.

Profitting from free webhosting

The majority of the hosting companies use free hosting to introduce their services, and as an entry point to their more expensive offerings. Generally they recoup their costs in one of a few ways:

  • Advertising - Selling online advertising on the customer sites is generally considered a fair trade - the reasoning is that high traffic sites are more expensive to host, but the additional traffic allows for additional ad impressions therefore covering the cost. For the web master, it can be a good trade if the advertising is of good quality and non-competitive. This is one of the main reasons that businesses do not use free hosting for their website. The majority of free hosting companies use this method.
  • Referrals - Using a simple form of viral marketing, these providers rely on the users to spread the offer. The ratio of free to paid accounts is known, and by having each free user refer a number of friends, the hosting provider is able to get enough paid accounts to cover the cost.
  • Resell Hosting - This is where someone starts up a hosting company, attracts lots of visitors, then sells the hosting company to someone else once it can no longer support itself. Once sold, this individual uses the money to start up multiple hosting ventures and sells each in turn.

Some hosting companies are using hybrid approaches that mix these tactics.

Free web hosting service

A free web hosting service is a web hosting service that is free, usually advertisement-supported. Free web hosts will usually provide a subdomain ( or a directory ( In contrast, paid web hosts will usually provide a second-level domain along with the hosting ( Many free hosts do allow use of separately-purchased domains. Rarely, a free host may also operate as a domain name registrar.

Root Zone Database

Root Zone Database

The Root Zone Database represents the delegation details of top-level domains, including gTLDs such as “.COM”, and country-code TLDs such as “.UK”. As the manager of the DNS root zone, IANA is responsible for coordinating these delegations in accordance with its policies and procedures.

Document classification

Document classification/categorization is a problem in information science. The task is to assign an electronic document to one or more categories, based on its contents. Document classification tasks can be divided into two sorts: supervised document classification where some external mechanism (such as human feedback) provides information on the correct classification for documents, and unsupervised document classification, where the classification must be done entirely without reference to external information. There is also a semi-supervised document classification, where parts of the documents are labeled by the external mechanism.


Several networks, such as BITNET, CSNET or other UUCP networks, existed that were in wide-spread use among computer professionals and academic users, that were incompatible with the Internet and exchanged e-mail with the Internet via special e-mail gateways. For relaying purposes on the gateways, messages associated with these networks were labeled with suffixes such as bitnet, oz, csnet, or uucp, but these domains did not exist as top-level domains in the public Domain Name System of the Internet.

Most of these networks have long since ceased to exist, and although UUCP still gets significant use in parts of the world where Internet infrastructure has not yet become well-established, it subsequently transitioned to using Internet domain names, so pseudo-domains now largely survive as historical relics. One notable exception is the 2007 emergence of SWIFTNet Mail, which uses the swift pseudo-domain.[14]

The top-level pseudo domain local is required by the Zeroconf protocol. It is also used by many organizations internally, which may become a problem for those users as Zeroconf becomes more popular. Both site and internal have been suggested for private usage, but no consensus has emerged[citation needed].

The anonymity network Tor has a top-level pseudo-domain onion, which can only be reached with a Tor client because it uses the Tor-protocol (onion routing) to reach the hidden service in order to protect the anonymity of users.

Alternative DNS roots

ICANN's slow progress in creating new generic top-level domains, and the high application costs associated with TLDs, contributed to the creation of alternate DNS roots with different sets of top-level domains. Such domains may be accessed by configuration of a computer with alternate or additional (forwarder) DNS servers or plugin modules for web browsers. Browser plugins detect alternate root domain requests and access an alternate domain name server for such requests.

Proposed domains

About the time that ICANN discussed and finally introduced[8] aero, biz, coop, info, museum, name, and pro TLDs, site owners argued that a similar TLD should be made available for adult and pornographic websites to settle the dispute of obscene content on the Internet and the responsibility of service providers under the Communications Decency Act of 1996. Several options were proposed including xxx, sex and adult, but ICANN has not created any.[9]

An older proposal[10] consisted of seven new gTLDs arts, firm, info, nom, rec, shop, and web. Later biz, info, museum, and name covered most of these old proposals.

During the 32nd International Public ICANN Meeting in Paris in 2008,[11] ICANN started a new process of TLD naming policy to take a "significant step forward on the introduction of new generic top-level domains." This program envisions the availability of many new or already proposed domains, as well a new application and implementation process.[12] Observers believed that the new rules could result in hundreds of new gTLDs to be registered.[13] Proposed TLDs include music, berlin and nyc.