Friday, October 2, 2009


Angelfire is an Internet venture offering free space for web sites. Angelfire also offered an online email service but this ceased operation in January 2002. In the past, it was long known for providing advertising-free hosting. (It also offered medical transcription services).[citation needed] The site was bought by Mountain View, California-based WhoWhere, which was itself subsequently purchased by the search engine company Lycos. As Lycos already offered web page hosting with advertising through its acquisition of, Angelfire's offering was modified to also have parity with Tripod, including the addition of an increasing amount of ads but also by offering more disk space.

As of 2008, Angelfire continues to operate separately from Tripod and now includes features such as blog building and a photo gallery builder. It also supports, for paid members only, CGI scripts written in Perl. Until May 2004, Angelfire offered free email (as a cobrand of Mailcity) at the domain, but this feature has been replaced by webmail for premium users only (through Lycos Domains).

Although the Angelfire and Tripod are very much separate sites, they do share much of the same underlying software, such as the blog application. Lycos brands, including both Angelfire and Tripod, were licensed to a company in the UK, which shut them down. The media announced they were shutting down but neglected to note that they were in no way related to their U.S. counterparts, resulting in a January 2009 posting by Lycos.

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